Ambassador Tess Gugel: Hunting Tips to Prepare for Fall During the Off-Season

It is starting to feel like summer! Many outdoorsmen and women have completed their hunting seasons and are turning their focus to fishing and camping seasons. I too cannot wait to take my ToughTested Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with Powerbank boating and camping.

Before heading out on your summer adventure, make sure you’re taking advantage of the off-season. Here’s how to make sure you spend some quality time on preparations for fall:

#1: Organize

I often tell people that my truck is a revolving storage unit. Depending on the season, I either have deer hunting, ice fishing, bow fishing, turkey hunting or summer fishing gear in my vehicle.  When seasons change over, you need to make sure to put gear away in an organized fashion.   One piece of equipment that stays in my vehicle year-round, is my ToughTested Pro Car Charger. It is dependable and critical to every outdoor adventure on the docket.

Good organization begins with good plastic totes, duffle bags and Ziplocs. Clearly mark and store them in an organized fashion, according to season. When packing up hunting clothes consider adding a breathable bag or a sock full of leaves, tree trimmings or other organic material.

#2: Evaluate/Prepare

Sit down with a hunting buddy and put a plan down in writing. What can you do to increase your odds of filling the freezer when God’s Pantry opens up again this fall? What can you learn from past mistakes?

Figure out food plot options and/or put out some mineral. Set up trail cameras. Trim around existing stands. Make walk-in areas clear, for silent access. Scout new locations and put up stands. Most importantly, examine your tree stands thoroughly to be certain all straps, ropes and seats are in good condition. Replace anything that isn’t safe!

#3: Hone Your Skills

Many hunters retire their weapon at the end of a season, often times leaving it there until next fall. Unless you are truly “retiring” from hunting, this is a critical mistake. To ensure complete confidence in your weapon, guns need cleaning and bows need tuning. That is not all, your body needs conditioning as well.

Work on muscle memory and your mechanics all year round. One of the most important elements in bowhunting is confidence, not just in the weapon itself but mental and physical confidence. Practice at a pro archery shop and get tips.

Real world practice is also critical. Climb in your stand (or into a blind), wear your jacket, gloves and facemask and shoot at a 3D target. Another great way to stay in shape and hone your skills is bowfishing. If you are lucky, you will get in a lot of shooting, which helps you work on your archery skills, patience and conditioning.

Strength conditioning is also critical for gun hunters that plan on hiking great distances this fall.   In addition, this is a good time to experiment with a new weapon or ammunition and evaluate its accuracy. Take the time to fine tune your weapon and your body. Put in the effort now, to reap maximum (and delicious) rewards later!

How do you use your off-season to prepare for the fall? Follow Tess Gugel on Twitter for more tips.