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6' SafeCharge Protection Cable With Circuit Breaker: Micro USB

Part Name: TT-SC6-MICRO

Part Number: 7 58302 08622 1

6' USB to Micro USB cable with in-line circuit breaker. The Safe-charge circuit breaker automatically shuts off power to the connected device when damaging voltage or current is detected. REACTION TIME is less than a tenth of a second. REAL TIME MONITORING will allow the switch to be reset when the current returns to a normal, safe range. There is no fuse to change and the cable will not be damaged and the connected device and valuable data will be protected. PET Polymer weave jacket protects cable from heat, chemicals, and abrasion and specially designed tip allows for use with most protective cases. 5 year warranty. Monitors power to the connected device and reacts to dangerous surges and over-current by safely shutting down.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with all Android, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle or other devices with Micro USB port.

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Tech Specs

  • 2.4 Amp Charge and Sync
  • Inspected to Military Standards
  • Easy Fit Tip
  • Reinforced Stress Points
  • LED Indicator
  • Safe Charge Circuit-Breaker Monitors and Protects Device From Over Current & Over Voltage
  • P.E.T. Polymer Braided Sleeve
  • 6ft Length

5 Year Warranty Information

When a product is built tough for long-term durability, the manufacturer's confidence is reflected in its warranty. ToughTested products offer one of the longest warranties in the business.

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